AI.Assembly: About


Ai Assembly is a repository of all the work being done in conversation with the question, "What does AI need from us?"

As people of color, women, the disabled, LGBTQ+, and other vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by data-centric technologies, we must find tangible ways to insert ourselves into the creation, training, and testing of algorithmic matrices that appraise us now and will continue to do so in the future with ever-increasing consequences.

These systems are encoded with the same biases responsible for the myriad systemic injustices we experience today. We can no longer afford to be passive consumers or oblivious subjects to algorithmic systems that significantly impact how and where we live, who we love and our ability to build and distribute wealth.

Started by Stephanie Dinkins in 2017 as meetings at NEW INC, a New York based art and tech incubator at the New Museum, AI.Assembly now continues at Data & Society Research Institute as a series of intimate, exploratory encounters. These gatherings make space for lateral-minded practice and thought around intelligent systems where we can think about what AI needs from us and what we want from it. They also work to seed and cross-pollinate broad-based contributions to ethics, equity, transparency, and innovation in machine learning and techno-cultures.

Relations between human and machine learning have entered a new phase. Ever increasing computational power, combined with almost limitless data, has led to a turning point in the abilities of artificial forms of intelligence. Artificially intelligent systems are quickly infiltrating our civic and personal lives; the need to assess the implications of human-robot (AI) interaction is more important than ever.